Day Camp

Camp for Children Entering Kindergarten-6th Grade

Our Day Camp Program is designed for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade in the fall. Day Campers get the opportunity to participate in all of our traditional camp activities and also get the opportunity to visit offsite locations on our Wednesday field trips. Campers will learn new skills and most importantly develop new friendships with fellow campers.

Campers fun filled day is preselected and works on a rotating schedule, by the end of the week all groups will have visited all the camp activities. Swimming also rotates each day, groups who swim first thing Monday morning, will be swimming last Friday afternoon. On Wednesdays Day campers have the opportunity to go on field trips to off site locations. Trips are optional for day campers, regular camp is available for all campers who opt out of the field trip. Field trips are a great opportunity for campers to experience new adventures and growth outside of our campus.

Campers are placed into groups based on the grade they will be entering into in the fall. While Kindergarten groups are co-ed, 1st grade groups and above are divided by gender. We ensure safety and individual attention with each group consisting of between 14 and 18 children (depending on age). All groups are led by two Senior Counselors, and on occasion will have a Junior Counselor volunteering in the group for that week.

Day Camper Sample Day

9:05-9:20Morning Assembly
9:25-10:10Rock Wall
2:30-3:15Game Room