Campers In Leadership Training

Camp for Pre-Teens Entering 7th-8th Grade

Our Camper in Leadership Training (CILT) program is designed for pre-teens entering 7th and 8th grade in the fall. The CILT program provides campers the opportunity to learn strong leadership skills, while still being able to participate in regular camp activities. In the afternoons, CILTS will participate in their leadership training lead by their counselor and one of the Directors. During their training CILTS are learning how to become effective leaders through lesson plans focusing on teamwork, leadership, group dynamics, creativity and respect for others. At the end of each week, (Thursday/Friday) CILTS are placed into camper groups where they get to put their skills to practice. While in the groups CILTS are assisting and learning hands on from the senior counselors.

Being a CILT gives the camper the best of both worlds. For the camper who aspires to one day be a counselor, being a CILT gives them the opportunity to dip their feet into the leadership side of camp, while still being able to be a camper. CILTS are the oldest campers at camp and many of them have grown up with us. Being the oldest campers has its perks, CILTS have the opportunity to help out with special events and help lead assemblies.

CILTS are considered campers and follow the same registration process.

Campers In Leadership Training Sample Day

9:05-9:20Morning Assembly
2:30-3:15*Leadership Training

*Activities will always remain at the same time each camp day.